Case Study D: Team Building

Improving Communication, Listening, and Problem Solving

Situation:  Department staff within a large trade association were experiencing challenges across departments and inside the department itself.  These challenges related to communication, listening, and problem solving.  The department’s leader recognized the need to improve these areas and build morale.  She also wanted the staff to have some fun.

Solution:  After multiple information-gathering discussions and an online team assessment, Synergy Forces designed a team-building session with the purpose of advancing the current level of teamwork and learning more about each other.  Based on the pre-determined Agenda, the participants were guided through various team exercises.  These included the following:

  • Fostering better communication by accepting the ideas of others
  • Discovering how well each team member listens and then practicing active listening
  • Looking at how everyone is responsible for the group’s behavior
  • Experiencing more productive problem solving
  • Exploring formal and informal reward systems
  • Agreeing on what values are the most important

At the completion of each exercise, the team shared reactions, comparisons to real-work situations, lessons learned, and how to apply them at work. 

Periodically throughout the session, various energizing exercises were implemented resulting in laughter, higher energy, and a better understanding of each other.  In addition, each participant was asked to secretly observe the behavior of another participant throughout the session, making notes of positive behavior.  At the end of the session, observations were shared with the group.

Results:   At the end of the session, the participants agreed that the session’s purpose was met and that they had a better understanding of how to move forward.  The participants were especially motivated to improve communication and listening skills.  After the session, the participants completed a survey to evaluate the session’s usefulness.  The client was pleased with the results and, within a few weeks, noted how lessons learned from this session were being applied in the work environment.


What Clients Say:

"We were able to focus on real solutions."

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