Drawing Out Your Collective Wisdom

  • Professional Meeting Facilitation

    Professional Meeting Facilitation

    Whether it's strategic planning, team building, problem solving, or some other decision-making discussion, Synergy Forces adds structure, focuses the collaboration, and guides the process of how things are discussed, so you can focus on the content of what is discussed.

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  • Team Building / Team Development

    Team Building / Team Development

    Synergy Forces will help you customize your initiative to meet the unique needs of your organization and your teams. No matter what your team objective, Synergy Forces can help you to improve performance, morale, and productivity!

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  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning

    Strategic planning is about defining an organization and determining its strategic direction within a defined timeframe. Selecting the best approach, dedicating time to the process, and forming an effective team are all crucial elements to success. Synergy Forces will serve as your partner in determining the essentials that will work best to meet your objectives.

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Synergy Forces - Master Facilitators


Certified Professional Facilitator LogoWe are Certified Professional Facilitators, providing group process, structure, and focused collaboration for group decision-making discussions. 

Facilitation Services Include:

  • Designing and implementing structure for group process
  • mbti certified logoManaging the process of "how" to reach your desired outcomes
  • Allowing your team to focus on "what" is included in those outcomes
  • Drawing out your team's collective wisdom for focused, collaborative decisions
  • Remaining neutral, while creating a safe environment
  • Helping the team realize more productivity for greater results and strong buy-in for decisions
  • Gaining enthusiasm for successful implementation of decisions 


Let us guide your decision-making discussions for more effective results.


We are proud to support and actively participate in the following organizations:

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